[REQ] MineTweaker/ModTweaker Resource Pack

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[REQ] MineTweaker/ModTweaker Resource Pack

Postby Mystara » Sun Jul 26, 2015 8:43 am

I've done a lot of learning using both MineTweaker3 and ModTweaker over the last few weeks as I have been setting up a custom mod pack for personal use.

Of interest I've learned how to take unused assets in mods and integrate them into play.

The example I will give here. Note: This mod pack is only for my personal use. I will not distribute it. Any changes made are strictly for my use only.

Two of my installed mods are Garden Stuff and ExtraTiC (Tinkers' Construct compatibility addon)

Garden Stuff uses a proprietary furnace to create an "alloy' using sand and iron. I found this to be highly limiting as it required charcoal (not coal) to work. The resulting Wrought Iron ingots are only useful in decorative and lighting.

ExtraTiC adds all of the molten versions of Metallurgy 3 to the ore dictionary, but without the mod installed; does not add recipes to the smeltery for them. So they are not being used and normally cannot be accessed. Dark Steel is one of these.

Using ModTweaker and MineTeaker I added a recipe that converts molten Iron (1 ingot, 144mb) and molten Glass (1 block, 1000mb) to molten Dark Steel (1 ingot, 144mb) I then added casting recipes for Dark Steel in appropriate amounts to make ingots, blocks, and nuggets of Wrought Iron (they look very similar).

I further added melting recipes so that all Wrought Iron items can be melted down to their equal exchange millibuckets of molten Dark Steel.

This got me thinking:

What if there were a Resource ModPack that added a ton of unused items whose soul purpose was to just be available for MineTweaker/ModTweaker users to utilize so they could create new items on their own?

Additional liquids, materials, alternate items (doors, redstone components, buttons, levers), building blocks. Just a ton of unused items and materials that someone can add in to a game to fill in a gap, add variety, or make something new altogether. Generic Armors added using wool recipes, and then renamed to Sheep Skin Armor?

Anyway, I think the potential is endless and it would open up massive creativity potential.
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Re: [REQ] MineTweaker/ModTweaker Resource Pack

Postby AnrDaemon » Tue Jul 28, 2015 1:40 pm

If you ask google, there's a number of mods that give you the tools you are looking for.
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Re: [REQ] MineTweaker/ModTweaker Resource Pack

Postby Mystara » Wed Jul 29, 2015 1:27 am

What should I search for?

Can you list examples?
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Re: [REQ] MineTweaker/ModTweaker Resource Pack

Postby ZeroLevels » Mon Aug 24, 2015 3:40 pm

A bit late, but...

A couple mods that can be used to easily add new block and items:
  1. Tabula Rasa
    • I've used this one a couple times. Adds only basic blocks and items.
  2. JSONables
    • Never tried this one, and don't know much of its capabilities beyond that it's mainly for creating new stuff for Tinkers' Construct. May or may not do other things useful for your purposes.
  3. Loot++
    • Used this as well. Lets you add quite a few different types of blocks/items, but doesn't work with metadata very well... I think they all use up a full ID each.
  4. Custom Stuff 2
    • This lets you add mostly anything you could want for existing vanilla block/item types, but is less user-friendly. It require that you download a file, extract one of its contents, and place it into the mods folder manually. I have no idea if said file can be distributed separately (though, I figure if it could, he wouldn't be having everyone do it manually). It also requires lots of looking up how to do this or that, which would be helped by having some javascript know-how. That said, it has a separate documentation download that should help you do a lot of what you want.
  5. CustomItems
    • This will likely give you the best customization to user-friendliness ratio. It can be a little hard to follow, but generally easier than Custom Stuff 2. I had one gripe with this mod (at least I'm pretty sure it was this one), which was when it generated a list of blocks for you to edit, said list would not update themselves with new blocks automatically, such as when you update a mod in your pack, and thus, would error if you didn't delete the previously-generated block list for something (a pain by itself, but more so if you had changed some block properties in it). I don't know if it has since been fixed.
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