Tut also ready to own brand into the maddenvip.

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Tut also ready to own brand into the maddenvip.

Postby maddenvip » Sat Aug 19, 2017 7:29 am

In the league left eight rounds of the Madden Mobile Coins case, waiting for Manchester United and Van Gaal is still a difficult road, especially in April home against the city of Manchester City team, away again and again challenge the Chelsea team and Everton team, the other in mid-May But also in the last season at home to face the Arsenal team, can be said that now the Premier League four straight Manchester United is now absolutely can not be relaxed.

A fan named Steven Barlow commented that if Manchester United won their remaining games, then at least the first two positions will be locked, but Manchester United will be with the current top three teams, so it seems that this goal Although it is very good, but I am afraid it is difficult to Madden NFL 18 Coins cash it. Last year, retired Li Na (more than 1,300 million dollars) on the list, is the only list of 12 women. The top two are former NBA stars

Michael Jordan ($ 100 million) and former British football star David Beckham ($ 75 million), and it is amazing that their income is even more than before retirement. Beckham's income comes mainly from the Chinese market in the NBA when Jordan, in the 1996 ~ 1997 season and 1997 ~ 1998 season took 30 million US dollars annual salary, there are 40 million US dollars in advertising revenue. Why is Jordan now making more than playing?

Mainly advertising, brand endorsement and corporate sponsorship. Compared with Jordan, Beckham's income will be much more complex, and the main gold is China. March 2013 Beckham became a super international ambassador, although this is free, but last year he has three well-known brands, but also ready to own brand into the maddenvip.com Chinese market. Beckham's earliest income from his two other brands with the two cooperation, which brought him more than 20 million dollars in revenue.
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