Ever realized that the 3 kinds of combat in Runescape

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Ever realized that the 3 kinds of combat in Runescape

Postby nanchen » Mon Mar 08, 2021 2:36 am

Ever realized that the 3 kinds of combat in Runescape are incredibly unbalanced? Hopefully with these efforts, Runescape will be a considerably for fair game: Fixing members: Range is overpowered at lower levels (35-75), loses power on raising combat. Reality: range supposedly falls to melee, as well as a meleer gets to higer levels, they get defence. . .Although seems unfair, this is the way it's supposed to be. To fix this over powering problem:

Move magical brief to 55 or 60 range. Which is level 42 combat for 60 range.... Reduce the dragon bolt (e) special to 50 instead of 60. Move the Darkbows necessary level to 70. Yew short bow range bonus to +39. Crossbows have marginally lowered accuracy, hence that the accuracy of this rune one is as good as the black bow.

F2p array: WAYYYYYY over powered compared to the remainder of the weak skills. Accuracy of bows slightly dropped. Mage is weak, very weak. P2p mage: Make mystic have -5 range bonus each slice. Rapid cast. God staves have special 50% usage of 2 rapid spell cast no god charms themselves.

Any Where Runecrafting Alter. Hate it if you have 10K Rune Ess and its a five 10 minute walk from the bank to help you craft your own Runes? Well here the answer. Quest: To start go talk to the mind wizzard in the Wizzards tower. If you ask to initiate a quest he will ask you to do the Rune Mysteriys pursuit before you perform this exploration. As soon as you've completed that and you go back to talk to him and you also ask him to get another quest.

He will ask you to get a Air Tally,Mind Tally,Erath Tally and a Tira you have to mine 1500 so you have 500 Air,Mind,Erath Runes. When you do that go speak to him again he'll provide you the elementor tally and the elementor teleport location is next to some great dragon called"Elementor Dragon" (Level 90) once you get beyond him you will be teleported into the elementor cave where you should then kill 5"Abbysal Wizzards" (Level 50) and gain there magical amulets that they fall then you will must walk threw into the"Elementor creater" then you click the magic stone then your Tira will turn Rainbow coloured and you will be teleported back into the Wizzards tower. It cost 50gp a teleport and you want a minimum of 30 Mage and 30 Crafting to do this quest and to tele port to the Rune crafting region of your own choice.

Moi. An uncommon monster will look ingame every once in a while and if you kill this rare monster, you'll get a rare fall which is acceptable for the monster's level. The rare monster will be spawned in a random location within boundaries, and the monster's level will be marginally higher than the level of this monster's around it. The rare monster's loot will be a lot better than the creature's around him also. You also can not go searching for rare monsters since you never know when they'll come (In it's time limit that is).

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