Gentlemanly Online Dating

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Gentlemanly Online Dating

Postby Sien » Mon Aug 30, 2021 5:38 am

So maybe you were a football or track star in high school and now you’re a few years removed and about twenty pounds heavier — leave those varsity pictures where they belong (in a shoebox!), and upload something more recent. While meeting people and dating shouldn’t be all about vanity, you don’t want someone’s first thought upon meeting you to be, “Whoa, he looks nothing like his pictures.”

Not only is it insanely distracting, but it’s starting the potential relationship with dishonesty rather than trust. This also goes for exaggerating, or outright lying, when it comes to your job, education, or anything you find yourself tempted to say to get a meeting in person. I guarantee if they find out you tricked them, they will assume everything you’ve said was a lie.

And this isn’t to say that if you’re overweight, don’t bother. Dating sites have huge audiences, so you’ll find every stripe and color of person you could possibly imagine, and by misrepresenting yourself, you could be missing out on the people who like you for who you actually are. But on that note, not everyone on the other end will be honest with themselves, so…

While dating sites have plenty of attractive and very successful people, not everyone will look exactly like their pictures. While I’m not saying you should be expecting a man in a wig to show up, you should kind of automatically assume that their pictures were old or edited, or at the least, something that shows their very best light. Not that that’s always the case, but just keep in mind that you can never truly know someone you haven’t talked to in the flesh.
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Re: Gentlemanly Online Dating

Postby MarySmith » Mon Aug 30, 2021 12:55 pm

It sounds so cute but ... the time of gentlemen is over. I'm sorry, but it really is. Men and women prefer to have equal rights and responsibilities. I like that I don't have to wait for a guy to pay attention to me. I can just ask him out on dates using my dating account - It seems to me that it’s much easier to find a life partner or just have fun.
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