Whats wrong wwith my script? [Modtweaker]

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Whats wrong wwith my script? [Modtweaker]

Postby Peach774 » Thu Oct 02, 2014 12:03 am

As soon as I added .withTag to these, they stopped working. What am I missing?

mods.botania.RuneAltar.addRecipe(<Quadrum:rawterrasteel_plate>.withTag({display: {Lore: ["Combining two Terrasteel ingots with one Steel plate,", "and one Manasteel plate in a runic altar allows the Terrasteel to form an alloy.]}}), [(terrasteel), (terrasteel), (steelplate), (manasteelplate)], 200);

mods.botania.ManaInfusion.addInfusion(<Quadrum:strenghthenedterrasteel_plate>.withTag({display: {Lore: ["By tossing a Raw Terrasteel Alloy Plate into a Mana pool,", "The plate is reinfused with magic and", "becomes usable for tools and armor.]}}), (terraplateraw), 2000);

It did work before I added the tag so what do I do?
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Re: Whats wrong wwith my script? [Modtweaker]

Postby Stan » Wed Oct 08, 2014 4:17 pm

I see there is a missing " after "to form an alloy.".The same one the second line. That would definitely break it ;)
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Re: Whats wrong wwith my script? [Modtweaker]

Postby cafiqu » Fri Nov 08, 2019 1:10 pm

The script was not written it has some power of the factors that can be shared over this letter of communicating version. I have to get some knowledge on this was at zipjobs this can be present over the part of fiction to maintain.
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