Pams HarvestCraft Support

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Pams HarvestCraft Support

Postby Zakariel » Sat Feb 20, 2016 4:27 pm

Suggesting Pam's Harvestcraft support (don't know how possible that would be). The mod has a long list of devices: oven, presser, quern, churn and cutting board (a food only crafting "table" for pams recipes). The oven, churn and quern are all essentially simplistic furnace-style devices that take an input stack and consume fuel to produce an output. The cutting board is just a crafting table for food related Pam's crafting recipes. The presser is the most unusual device in that it takes an input stack and uses no fuel (it simply starts operating right away) to produce up to two outputs; as an example soy beans go in and soy milk and tofu comes out.

It would be unbelievably awesome to be able to tweak those devices

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