New World Woodworking Guide

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New World Woodworking Guide

Postby jannick » Mon Aug 23, 2021 7:18 am

Woodworking is one of the most important skills in the New World that players need to cut various trees.

New World Woodworking Guide in the menu Felling trees and collecting wood
Wyldwood planks
Ironwood planks
Shiny ebony

For many years, cutting trees in video games was an important game mechanic. However, modern games are starting to refresh this area, making it less mundane but just as relaxing and satisfying. Those enjoying the new world of Amazon may have to do a lot of woodwork to create some of the items they want.

However, putting items together is not as easy as processing tree trunks into finished products, as players have to refine certain types of wood from other components that have been harvested in the many forests around the world. This crucial intermediate level represents the skill "woodworking", the improvement of which enables the player to produce higher quality, refined wood. The ideal way to plan your own forestry is to determine what type of wood you will need and how to get it.

New World Timber in the menu
Requirements for the production of wood
Must use Tier 1 Woodshop or higher
Recipe for the woodcraft
4 green wood
About wood

As one of the most basic types of refinable wood in the game, players will need a lot of wood in the early stages of their adventure. Fortunately, the green wood they are made from is found in the many young trees that adorn the landscape of the lower plains.

New world coins in the menu
Requirements for the production of wood
Must use Tier 2 Woodshop or higher
The woodworking skill must be level 50 or higher
Recipe for the woodcraft
4 old wood
2 wood
About wood

As the names of the main components suggest, players must collect old wood from mature trees. These are not as common as young trees, but are still in sufficient abundance so as not to cause problems for budding woodworkers.

Wyldwood floorboards
New World Wooden Planks in the menu
Requirements for making Wyrdwood boards
Must use Tier 3 Woodshop or higher
The woodworking skill must be at least level 100.
Wyrdwood board recipe
4 Wyrdwood
2 wood

At this point, the New World naming conventions can get a little complicated as some terms appear interchangeable even when they are not. Players must collect the raw wyrdwood from the relatively rare wyrdwood tree, however, players must combine this raw resource with wood in the lumber workshop to create refined products called wyrdwood planks.

Ironwood floorboards
New World Ironwood Planks on the menu
Requirements for crafting Wyrdwood Planks
Must use Tier 4 Woodshop or higher
Woodworking proficiency must be 150 or higher
Recipe for making ironwood boards
4 ironwood
2 wooden boards
Via Ironwood Planks

Similar to the Wyrdwood Planks, the Ironwood Planks and their component Ironwood are linked by name. Players must cut down hard-to-find ironwood trees to get the ironwood needed to make the 5th boards.

Shiny ebony
New World Sparkling Ebony in the menu
Requirements for making Shiny Ebony
Must use Tier 4 Woodshop or higher
The woodworking skill must be at least level 200.
Sparkling ebony recipe
4 ironwood boards
2 Wildwood
1 barbvine
1 obsidian sandpaper
About Sparkling Ebony

Although, like ironwood plank, it is also a level 5 finishing raw material, it will be more difficult to get shiny ebony because not only does it require a fairly high component, but it also falls randomly. Both Barbvine and Wildwood can be obtained as rare loot from Ironwood Trees, requiring players to cut down large quantities of this little-known species of forest.
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